Software Publishing

Software publishing includes production, supply and documentation of ready-made (non-customized) software, operating systems and other applications software like computer games, etc., for all platforms. Services offered by Searchline Database in all aspects are of producing and distributing computer software, such as designing, providing documentation, assisting in installation, and providing support services to customers. Software is at the heart of the Digital Revolution, and the management of that software is at the heart of every successful digital strategy. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to success. Software publishing solutions by Searchline Database will help you manage your business models and existing IT systems in a leaner, more responsive and secure way.


Consultancy includes providing the best solution in the form of custom software after analyzing the users’ needs and problems. It also includes made-to-order software, based on orders from specific users. Searchline Database offers a range of services to assist individuals, organizations and institutions around the world to pursue their goals. It is focused on creating sustainable growth through innovative solutions. Searchline Database offers consultancy services like:

  • Creating CMS websites using open source such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Django
  • Developing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, enabling an organization to maintain the customers’ data efficiently, while capturing all pre-sale and post-sale force interactions of the customer
  • Developing automation tools for conversions such as PDF to ePub, PDF to ePub3, and Apple ePub to other formats such as Kobo, Sony, and KF8

ePUB Conversion Services

ePUB is the globally accepted standard eBook format, specially designed for the eBook market.Searchline Database provides complete ePUB Conversion Services and formatting from Word, Quark, InDesign, PDF, and other input files. Our ePUB conversions strictly follow the standards set by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). ePUB format is meant to be a universal format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, and for distribution and sale. Convert to ePUB and add advertiser value by reducing overall costs. ePUB also helps expand market search and increase circulation.