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It has been observed in this mobile era that we spend about 3 to 4 hours in a day on mobile doing nothing. But now you can invest you these 3-4 hours and earn from mobile. We provide you our mobile app where you can type and earn.

See what you have to type….

There are several services present in the market that allow you to make money by completing some easy tasks. These tasks are easy to do, and don’t usually take up much time. We, at Searchline Database, bring you a chance to convert your idle hours into productive ones.

In our ‘Earn with your mobile’ scheme, small lines flash on your mobile screen which you have to type and submit. Here you will be paid for every accurate line. Any line which would contain any typo error will be considered to be inaccurate line and will not be counted. You will be paid only for the accurate lines typed, i.e., the lines should which doesn’t contain any typing error.

Let’s see how you will be paid. Below given is the payment slab which will decide your payment for your job.

Payment Slab

No of lines

Rate of payment

Daily payment

Monthly Payment

2000 2 4000 120000
1900 1.9 3610 108300
1800 1.8 3240 97200
1700 1.7 2890 86700
1600 1.6 2560 76800
1500 1.5 2250 67500
1400 1.4 1960 58800
1300 1.3 1690 50700
1200 1.2 1440 43200
1100 1.1 1210 36300
1000 1 1000 30000
900 0.9 810 24300
800 0.8 640 19200
700 0.7 490 14700
600 0.6 360 10800
500 0.5 250 7500
400 0.4 160 4800
300 0.3 90 2700
200 0.2 40 1200
100 0.1 10 300

In this era of smartphones, we usually spend approximately three to four hours a day using our phones to check posts on social media portals like Facebook, Instagram and what not. Ever wondered how that expensive smartphone in your hand might be the key to earn some extra bucks?

The payment slabs differs according to the plan you choose for yourself. Each work plan offers a distinct daily target, which you have to achieve in order to get full payment. Deductions are made in the amount to be paid to you in case of any errors found in your work. The rate of deduction also differs according to the payment plans. It takes about average of 10 seconds to type a line. Hence 6 lines can be typed every minute and 360 lines can be typed every hour. Now, if you spend 4 hours on your mobile doing this, you can type about 1,000 to 1,400 lines every day, and earn Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 every month in your leisure time. There will be unlimited lines for you on the App, you can type as much as you can and earn as much as you, there is no limit. The only thing here also to be taken care of is average. Let’s see how your payment will be decided.

For e.g.

If you type 2,000 lines every day for the first 10 days, 1,500 lines every day in other 10 days and only 500 lines in the remaining 10 days then your payment will be calculated in the following manner:

Payment Calculated

Sr. No


Total lines typed (2000*10) + (1500*10) + (500*10) = 20000+15000+5000 = 40000 lines
Total days 30
Average 40000/30 = 1333.33 lines everyday
Rate of payment 1.3 per line

Hence, total payment   : 40000 lines * 1.3 rupees = 52000 rupees

This way it would be calculated and paid to you.

Searchline Database App is available over iOS and Android platform. You can download the app and start making money with your mobile right away.


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