Audio Library Project

The Audio Library Project by Searchline Database is designed to provide an exclusive experience to people who love to read. The project is aimed at converting text books into audio books.

At Searchline Database, we seek the help of people who wish to work from home to complete this project. Working for the Audio Library Project is convenient, where a person has to type the content provided by us into Word Document.

We expect our employees to be accurate while typing. Everything else including editing, correction and formatting will be done by the experts at Searchline Database. These typed data will be converted into audio files via a special software that we have designed for the convenience of our employees.

The Audio Library Project by Searchline Database Pvt Ltd is initiated keeping in mind the advantages of audio books over regular books. These can be–

  • One can read faster and finish a book even while being lazy
  • Travelers can rejoice and listen to these books while commuting
  • The story of a book seems more alive in audio than on pages
  • People can reconnect to a story better, when it is in an audio format
  • Where one can miss reading before sleeping, listening to audio books can both help you finish a book and have a soothing experience.

Searchline Database is giving work from home job facility to people who can help us complete our audio book project. The more you type, the more you earn. Following the simple submission rules, you can easily make money from home.
Join the Audio Library Project by Searchline Database as a full-time or part-time employee, and help us in achieving our mission.