In this fast evolving world, there has been a significant change in the lifestyle of people. With advanced technology, a shift in the work culture has taken place, giving rise to the remote jobs . Starting from across the world, this new paradigm has even captured the working class of India.

At present, there are a number of ways through which people are earning, while being in the comfort of their homes. Besides, a number of companies have emerged to promote this new method of earning. Some of the most common ways to earn money from home include – data entry clerk, transcription, telemarketing, copy editor, coder, and social media manger, among others.

At Searchline Database Pvt Ltd , we provide one of the most sorted jobs, that is, of a transcriptionist. In this, a person is required to type out a script that we provide. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. The job may sound simple, but requires fast typing skills, as well as accuracy.

The jobs being provided by Searchline Database Pvt Ltd can be taken up by literally anyone – a student, a retired person, a mother, or even a person working somewhere else. Moreover, it can be done from any location – a coffee house, a beach, or a co-working space.

Although the job of a transcriptionist might seem to be limited to monotonous typing, it is definitely much more than that. The job requires utmost concentration and time of a person, in order to avoid any kind of errors in the copies.

At Searchline Database Pvt Ltd, one can work according to their convenience by setting their own schedule. As far as you maintain accuracy, you will not be required to work for specific hours. Moreover, you get a chance to enhance your skills in several areas other than just typing, such as vocabulary, numerical skills, computer skills, and others.

We pay according to each correct copy you submit. Hence, the more you work is the more you’ll earn. . All you need to do is provide error-free copies. Besides, the typing skills tend to improve with time. This means that an employee at Searchline Database always has a chance of earning more in the long run.