At Searchline Database,we provide ‘work from home’ jobs for transcription, which are convenient for people to earn well. We strive to maintain a healthy relationship with our employees, and believe in ‘serving from earning’. Moreover, we ensure to maintain 100 per cent transparency and payment assurance.
Payments at Searchline Database are made as per the accuracy of the copies and the submission rules we’ve set up for our employees. We expect all our employees to abide by these rules.

  • Submission should be made only on the company’s official email address
  • Name of the submitted file should exactly match with image files
  • Submission should be in zip folder
  • Zip folder of the submitted files should not contain only the required file/folder.
  • Every submitted file should be complete

The total amount to be paid by us is calculated on the basis of total number of accurately typed pages. Let us take a look at our payout chart:

  • For the first 100 pages, the payment is made at a pay rate of Rs 60 per page. So, a person can earn from Rs 60 – 6,000, as per the accuracy maintained by them.
  • For pages within 101-200, the pay rate is of Rs 120 per page. A person can earn from Rs 12,120 - 24,000, according to the accurate submission.
  • If you submit pages from 201-300, the pay rate is of Rs 180. This means, you can earn from Rs 36,180 – 54,000, for every accurate submission.

  • In order to ensure that our employees are never bothered on the financial front, timely payments are made by us through cheques and direct bank transfers. More details about our payment method include:

  • TDS will be deducted from the payments
  • QC report will be generated within 3-4 days
  • Payment will be transferred after 3-5 days of QC report
  • Payment will only be made for accurate pages
  • Here are some proofs for the payments we have made to the people working with us.Have a look