Work on Computer / Laptop:

You can work with us. As we said we are in process of converting books into Audio. For the same purpose we have designed a software which will intelligently convert all what is typed in it. And here we offer this job to you. You can easily earn just by typing. All what you have to do is to type what we give to you as it is and all what you have to take care is your accuracy in typing. That’s it, no editing, no correction, no formatting….all that will be done by our end. You just have to type for us.

See what you have to type…..

Such pages will be given to you and you have to type exactly same what is seen in the image.

But you will not be paid just for typing, you will be paid for your accuracy, the more accuracy you maintain in your work, the more you will earn. Now understand what accuracy means. Accuracy means whatever you type that should be accurate, without any typo errors in it. Let’s say for example if 100 pages are given to type and out of that if there are 85 pages typed accurately, i.e. they don’t have any mistakes in it, then the accuracy would be called to be 85% as 85 pages out of 100 pages don’t have any error.

And every accurate page typed by you is qualified for payment and hence we call them Qualified Pages. Any page which contains any kind of typo error doesn’t qualify for payment and hence we call them Disqualified Pages.

Now as per the Plan you will get the Payment of 150/- INR per qualified page.

See the plans….

Computer Typing Plans


How it works?

MBS Plan

Let’s take Golden from the above mentioned plan to understand how it works. In MBS plan you will be given total 300 pages which you will have to type accurately and submit within 30 days. Rate of payment in MBS Plan is 180/- per page. Hence now if we assume that out of total 300 pages submitted by you 75 pages gets disqualified due to typo errors in it and 225 pages gets qualified then your payment will be 225*180=40500/- rupees.

So total payment will be 40500 + 1000 (Refund from Deposit) = 41500/- INR


So this is the way how your payment will be calculated which depends upon which plan you choose and how many accurate pages you give back to the company after typing.

You will also get your accuracy report along with your payment.

See how it would be……


Project Sample Report

Report Summary


Total Pages Given

Total Pages Submited

Total Disqualified Pages

Total Qualified Pages

Rate of Payments

Total Payments








Work Quality :


Error List

Sr No.

File Name

Line No



Error Type

1 OAL001 7 ouf out SPELLING
2 OAL013 29 thejr their SPELLING
3 OAL032 39 ghe the SPELLING
4 OAL046 38 kjss kiss SPELLING
5 OAL083 35 go to SPELLING
6 OAL093 24 whjch which SPELLING
7 OAL102 27 fojnd found SPELLING
8 OAL120 17 wigh with SPELLING
9 OAL123 37 ouf out SPELLING
10 OAL124 35 come came SPELLING
11 OAL132 24 woke wake SPELLING
12 OAL145 21 fo to SPELLING
13 OAL146 6 odmin admin SPELLING
14 OAL147 7 wont want SPELLING
15 OAL149 7 mike make SPELLING
16 OAL154 43 muss miss SPELLING
17 OAL155 42 stuff staff SPELLING
18 OAL160 24 omot omit SPELLING
19 OAL165 47 im in SPELLING
20 OAL170 27 dee see SPELLING
21 OAL194 40 jyg jug SPELLING

Submission Rules:

  • Submission should be made only on the company’s official email address.
  • Submission should be made exactly on or before the deadline given by the company.
  • File names of the submitted file should exactly match with image files.
  • Submission should be made in zip folder.
  • The zip folder of the submitted files should not contain any other file/folder.
  • All the submitted files should be found complete. Any incomplete file should not be found in the submission folder
  • All the Submitted files should be in Given Editor of Company only.

Technical Instructions:

  • User is required to make individual Companies Editor files for every image files.
  • Every line of the Companies Editor should match with the corresponding line in the image; hence the pages shall automatically match with the image file pages.
  • Everything should be typed with left alignment, whatsoever may be in the image file.
  • Latin Characters or Accent Characters, if any, shall be typed as normal characters. Ex: “æ should be typed as ae, ç should be written as c, Ý should be written as Y, ë should be written as e etc.
  • Colour text (if found in the image file) should be written in Black colour text only.
  • Always type the text as Regular text. Bold, Italics in Companies Editor File is not at all required and is not possible also.
  • If a word splitted in the image file, same should be done in the Companies Editor file. No justifications should be done between what should be right and what should be wrong. Just type as it is given in the image files.
  • If a line ends in the image files same should be done in the Companies Editor file.
  • There shall be no ‘Header’ or ‘Footer’ used.

Rejection Criteria:

  • If file name of the submitted file doesn’t match with the file name of image file and If the Continous Typing Found then submitted work is Rejected.
  • In complete Companies Editor files found.
  • Any images are found in the word document.
  • If coloured text is found in the files submitted.
  • If any of the hyperlinks are found.
  • If any other file/folder found in the Zip folder other than the needed Companies Editor files
  • If the file submitted is not in COmpany Editor and in Company format.
  • If the completed job files has not been submitted within the deadline mentioned by the company.

QC Declaration:

  • In the report only one mistake will be shown. As if one mistake is found the page gets disqualified, hence there is no meaning to check that particular page further. Still if you want full report for analyzation you can request to company it will be Subject to Acceptance of Company..!!!


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