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Let’s keep it short and simple. We have incorporated ourselves this year as Private Limited company for a project we have named it as “Audio Library Project”. We have started working on this Project in the beginning of this year and we expect to complete our Project by the ending of the year 2020. We are going to launch an Audio E-library where all the books will be available to hear….yes you are reading true. We are in process of converting all the books in Audio Format so that you can hear your favourite books and novels.

And in this process of converting books and novels in Audio Format we come to you with a great earning opportunity for you. Yes, you can, in fact, anyone can work with us in this project and earn a handsome income.

Now your good typing skill and good typing speed can make your future.

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  • We believe in Serving before Earning.
  • 100% Transparency and Payment Assurance.
  • We are a registered Private Limited Company and working on a Government Approved Project.
  • We give projects along with stamp paper legal contracts.
  • Simple, easy and totally offline jobwork.
  • Regular phone and E-mail support during the project.
  • We are having the largest network of active freelancers and clients
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