Aimed at providing book-lovers a different experience, we at Searchline Database , have launched the Audio Library Project. The project will entail the process of converting text books into audio books, and is expected to be completed by the year 2020. To facilitate our employees working on Audio Library Project, we have designed special software that will intelligently convert typed matter into audio. Working for our Audio Library Project is easy. All you have to do is type the content we provide to you while taking care of your accuracy in typing. Editing, correction, formatting and everything else that comes afterward will be done by us. However, there are a few submission rules that you have to keep in mind while working for the Audio Library Project:
  • Submission should be made only on the company’s official email address
  • Submission should be made exactly on or before the deadline given by the company.
  • File names of the submitted file should exactly match with image files.
  • Submission should be made in zip folder
  • The zip folder of the submitted files should not contain any other file/folder.
  • All the submitted files should be complete

It takes about 10 seconds to type a line. Therefore, 6 lines can be typed every minute and 360 lines can be typed every hour. Spending 4 hours every day on your mobile or laptop and typing about 1,000 to 1,400 lines can fetch you approximately Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 every month.

If you are interested in joining our Audio Library Project as a full-time or part-time employee, feel free to contact us.